Pop Corn
Ceiling Removal &
Skim Coat Plastering
Our full service includes:
1. Removing your popcorn, stucco or textured ceiling
2. Applying a minimum of 2 coats of plaster on the entire ceiling.
3. Sanding the plaster after each coat.
4. Priming and painting your ceiling.
All of our ceilings are completed at the Level 5 Finish quality standard, GUARANTEED!
We can restore your aging and cracking ceiling back to its original beautiful finish.
Drywall &
Plaster Repair
If required, we will repair any damage to your ceiling caused by water, foundation settlement and expansion of drywall joints.
Crown Molding
Crown molding will further enhance the transformation of your ceiling on top of adding value to your home. Our team of experts will install new crown molding or repair existing plaster crown molding.
Pot Lights
Our licensed electricians can brighten up your room by installing pot lights to your specifications.

Skim Coat & Popcorn Ceiling Removal Quote Request Form

We are available to provide you with all the assistance you need to get your ceiling and wall makeover with expert popcorn ceiling removal and skim coat plastering. Please fill out the form below to better give us a good idea of what your needs are. One of our experts will contact you to provide you with precise quotations and turnaround. We respond to quote requests on both weekdays, weekends, and even holidays.

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Oshawa, ON, Canada