The Process
Prep and Seal
Using impermeable materials such as 3M plastic drop sheets, to Ram Board and 3M carpet film, we will seal up your room to minimize any dust reaching areas you want to keep clean such as floors, carpets, walls, furniture and other sections of your home.
Remove Popcorn Ceiling
We remove your popcorn ceiling using the using the Festool Dust Extractor which is a German engineered 2 in 1 drywall sander with a built in high power vacuum for maximum dust extraction. The end result is your popcorn ceiling is removed efficiently with almost no dust.
Plaster Entire Ceiling
We will skim coat a minimum 2 layers of plaster on your entire ceiling. We allow the plaster 24 hours to dry before applying the second coat and sand in between each coat.
After each coat of plaster we sand the entire ceiling first with a pole sander and then we sand by hand eliminating any further bumps or ridges.
Primer and Painting
We will prime and paint your ceilings with only premium paint products as the final step of your ceiling makeover
Deprep and Cleaning
We will remove all of our debris from your home and vacuum any dust remaining.