Why should I remove my popcorn ceiling?
Popcorn, stucco or textured ceilings were and continue to be installed today by builders because they're a quick and easy way to finish a ceiling and hide imperfections. However, they are viewed as outdated and not current with today's tastes and styles.
How long will the process takes?
From start to finish the entire process for our complete service will take 3-4 days. The longest time required is for the plaster to dry in between each coat which is up to 24 hours.
Do I have to move out during the process?
No it's not necessary that you move out. We have made substantial investments in the latest equipment to make the process quick and minimize the inconvenience for you.
Do I have to remove furniture from the room?
Yes ideally all the furniture should be moved out the rooms in which we are carrying out the work. A few of the larger items can remain which we wrap with plastic and seal up with drop sheets.
Can I do a whole house at once or room by room or floor by floor?
We can discuss what's most convenient for you and your family.
Are there any dangerous materials?
All our materials are no VOC including plaster, paint and primer.
How soon can I move in after the job has been completed?
You can move in right after the job has been completed.
Will you clean up after the work is done?
Yes we will remove all of our waste and will vacuum up your rooms after we have completed the work.
Will you have a construction bin on site?
No there is no need for a construction bin to be placed on site. All of our waste will be removed in garbage bags.
Will you also prime and paint the ceiling?
Yes that is part of our basic ceiling makeover service.
Which areas do you service?
We service the City of Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Whitby, Ajax and Oshawa.
Will there be a mess?
There will be very little dust during the popcorn removal process but as a precautionary measure, we will seal up your room using high-grade impermeable 3M products and we use all the latest equipment such as the German-engineered Festool dust control system to minimize the dust as much as possible.
What if you encounter an issue after the popcorn has been removed?
All of our work is guaranteed for one year. No cracks, bubbling and blemishes.
What is the cost to complete this job?
Costs vary according to the scope and size of the job. Text or call us at 416-994-7809 or email at "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." for a no-obligation free quotation. 
How are you different from the competitors?
We have invested in all the latest equipment to make the job as efficient and minimize the inconvenience as much as possible.
Isn't it better to just install drywall over the popcorn?
No definitely not. Drywall will not deliver the same completely even ceiling and smooth Level 5 finish that we provide. Also, the installation of drywall is not so straight forward because you have to attach it to the framing/joists which can be difficult to locate under the popcorn ceiling. There's a perception that installing drywall is faster however given we use the Festool dust control system to remove the popcorn instead of doing it by hand, the whole process for us is a lot faster. Finally, adding a layer of drywall on your ceiling may not even be possible if you have crown molding or a curved ceiling that exists in many older homes.

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