Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Whitby, Ontario

Mr. SkimCoat professional popcorn ceiling removal services in Whitby start by protecting the area to keep it clean throughout the process. We use plastic and/or drop cloths held in place with tape to seal the area and protect your floor and furnishings. Next, our expert popcorn ceiling removal team begins the removal process by expertly scraping the popcorn off, then priming and skim coating the ceiling. Once the ceiling has been removed, we will repair it and retexture or replace any drywall, leaving you with a sleek, finished ceiling.

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Whitby - ON

Popcorn ceilings also known as:

  • Stipple ceilings
  • Stucco ceilings
  • Acoustic ceilings
are very outdated and it is generally much more preferable to have a skim coat plastering design. New home buyers who are looking for a move-in-ready home do not want to have to deal with a popcorn ceiling that dates a home and is more difficult to clean. By removing the stipple, you’re already making your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Textured ceilings helped to absorb sound and tone down echoes, which made them pretty popular in the past. Since then, the look has fallen out of style and is pretty much never used in modern design. Unfortunately, it’s still present in a lot of older homes.

  • Easy to Clean – The popcorn ceiling’s rough, bumpy texture easily accumulates dust, cobwebs, and other particles which makes it harder to clean, particularly in rooms with high ceilings. Popcorn ceiling removal will improve the home’s air quality because it will be easier to clean the ceiling and fewer particles will accumulate..
  • Makes the Room Look Updated – Popcorn ceiling is an outdated style of ceiling treatment that can lower a home’s value because most buyers and renters prefer not having it. Popcorn ceiling removal is the perfect finishing touch to a remodeling project as it makes the home look more contemporary and well-kept.
  • Better Painting Results – Removing the popcorn texture from ceilings creates a smooth flat surface that will produce better paint results than a crater-like surface. Whether you want to whitewash the ceiling or paint a custom color, it’s crucial to remove the popcorn ceiling to achieve a smooth, even paint application.
  • No More falling Popcorn Texture – Popcorn ceilings don’t get along well with moisture. Bathrooms and kitchens, however, have moisture which can cause the popcorn ceiling to loosen and fall down. By removing the popcorn ceiling, you won’t end up with bits of popcorn texture falling onto you unexpectedly when getting out of the shower or eating food.

After removal of the popcorn, intensive preparation work is done to ready the ceiling to best receive the level-5 finishing - skim coating. Our skim coat experts can then come in and make your ceiling smooth again with a variety of colors to select from!

Once you remove the popcorn from the ceiling, you may even find that your room looks brighter. The popcorn on the ceiling makes rooms appear darker as the texture absorbs shadows from light. Removing the popcorn ceiling also increases the value of your home. Today’s home buyers much prefer the look of smooth ceilings and if the home they purchase has popcorn ceilings, they are often having them removed prior to moving in. By getting this project done in your home, you are increasing the value of your home and helping it sell faster.

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If you are ready to have your popcorn ceiling removed, it is safer and highly recommended to have the experts do it than trying your hands at a DIY. Mr. SkimCoat has been removing popcorn ceilings from homes in the Durham region for years. We have established a unique process that will leave your room ready for painting, remodeling, and redecorating if that's your goal. Now is the time to call our popcorn ceiling removal experts servicing Whitby, ON to start the process. Call us now on 416-994-7809!

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