Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Ajax, Ontario

Get rid of that old popcorn and freshen up your rooms with an updated texture from Mr. SkimCoat. The many services provided by Mr. SkimCoat include Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Ajax. We  finish off the process by applying Level 5 Smooth Finish.

What is Popcorn Ceiling?

If you’ve been inside a home built during the 20th century, it’s likely you’ve encountered popcorn ceilings. In more modern builds, you likely won’t find it popcorn ceilings because there are so many alternatives. They’re easy to spot as these ceilings have been textured with a material such as styrofoam or stucco, giving them a bumpy appearance that is reminiscent of popcorn. While once hugely popular, the days of these ceilings were numbered. Why was this the case? Are there any benefits to having this type of ceiling today? And why would homeowners choose this particular style in the first place? Read on to get answers to all of your popcorn ceiling questions.

Popcorn ceilings, otherwise known as stucco ceilings, acoustic ceilings, or cottage cheese ceilings, were hugely popular in residential houses built between the 1930s and 1990s in Canada. Characterized by their textured look and feel by being stippled with a sponge, or sprayed on with a hopper gun using a special mix, these ceilings were commonly found in entrance hallways, bedrooms, and basements of homes.

Removing the Popcorn Texture From Your Ceilings Increases Home Value

Popcorn ceilings don’t handle moisture well. In a bathroom or kitchen, both of which have a fair amount of moisture, the texture of a popcorn ceiling can loosen and eventually come down. The biggest aesthetic drawback of a popcorn ceiling is that it tends to collect dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Because of its “crater-like surfaces,” it also casts harsh shadows, making rooms appear smaller.

Popcorn [texture] is very hard to clean and to keep clean,” Schutte said. “It attracts dust and creates shadows. Whenever you take it off, it makes a room feel much more vibrant.

Experts estimate that removing a popcorn ceiling would add $25,000 to $35,000 in value to the average 3500 sq.ft - 5,000 sq.ft home in Ontario. Removing the popcorn ceiling is worth it if you want to upgrade your home to a modern look, give the rooms a higher ceiling and improve the natural lighting of your home. Modern homes will attract more first-time willing buyers if they have a contemporary ceiling. Removing popcorn ceilings is worth it, especially if your problems are bad lighting, unpleasant appearance, and maintenance.

man removing popcorn ceiling

Removing the Popcorn Ceiling Improves Lighting

Popcorn ceilings form mini craters that create small shadows. This effect causes less light in the room, making the room gloomy. Clearing the popcorn ceiling removes the shadows and makes sure light bounces off a flat surface to cover more of the room. Better light gives the room more ambiance. It becomes easier for you to set the mood with natural lighting or artificial light when you’re not fighting shadows.

Removing the Popcorn Ceiling Creates More Room

Popcorn ceilings create the illusion of a puffed-up ceiling. It makes the ceiling appear lower than it is. Due to the nature of the material, it makes the room appear more cramped, only increasing the claustrophobic effect. Clearing the popcorn ceiling for a flatter surface makes the ceiling appear less congested and higher. The higher ceiling makes the room look more open and spacious. It also makes the ceiling neat.

Removing the Popcorn Ceiling Creates Better Aesthetic Appeal

At the height of its popularity, popcorn ceilings were the standard. However, now people are adopting a modern take on home interiors. There is little room for the remnants of 1930s era designs. Unless your style is vintage, the popcorn ceiling doesn’t fit in modern housing. The upside of getting rid of the popcorn ceiling for a modern look is that the contemporary look will work even when the house is vintage. There are still vintage interior designs you can incorporate to replace popcorn ceilings. In a way, removing the popcorn ceiling to improve your interior visuals will work in your favor 100% of the time.

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